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At present, the collection contains material about:

Leeds Grand Theatre
Leeds Town Hall
Roundhay Park
Kirkgate Market
City Varieties
Headingley Stadium
Morley Town Hall
Co-op Voices
Sonic Carnival
Under One Roof

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Sonic City Project Partners
The Sonic City project is a partnership between Leeds City Council, sound-works, ArtForms of Education Leeds and YMLAC.

In 2003, sound-works - a partnership of radio producers and trainers based in Leeds - were inspired by a radio programme which was a soundscape of the Twin Towers in New York. The programme was a result of The Sonic Memorial Project set up in the aftermath of 9/11 by a group of radio producers, webdesigners and artists to create an online aural archive about the World Trade Centre. The project attracted hundreds of contributions from the public. These came in many different forms from voice messages and interviews to archive recordings and resulted in a unique and powerful collection of sounds, stories and memories. It was this model of encouraging public contributions that inspired sound-works to thinking about how it could be applied to the places and spaces of their home city. An Arts Council grant allowed sound-works to research this idea and to build a partnership in Leeds which could deliver Sonic City.

Sonic City started to take shape in January 2006 with sound-works responsible for the project management. The department of Libraries Arts and Heritage in the Learning and Leisure department of Leeds City Council have seen the vision of Sonic City and have financially supported the project initially through Yorkshire Forward funding for the new Leeds City Museum. It is hoped that Sonic City may eventually find a permanent home within the new museum and that it will generate material for exhibitions.

ArtForms of Education Leeds have provided Sonic City with an administrative home and financial support with the education outreach programme.

YMLAC offers the project strategic guidance and advocacy support.

To sustain the project and increase the scope of the collection, Sonic City is currently looking for further funding opportunities. As well as wishing to extend the outreach and education programme, the team is looking at ways of funding other creative uses for the collection.

The collection can only grow with your contributions. We'd love to hear from you.

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