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Co-op Voices is very special partnership project for Sonic City. It is funded by United Co-operatives and the Leeds Member Relations Committee and is a unique collection of people?s memories of Leeds Co-op through the years.

Leeds Co-op as an institution ? its buildings and its services, its members and its staff ? is recognised as a meaningful and nostalgic part of many people?s lives in the City. In this, the 160th.anniversary year of Leeds Co-op, Sonic is pleased to support the collection of stories (? memories?) to celebrate and record its story.

If you remember divi books, blue bags, wedding catering or funeral teas, or perhaps you worked for the Co-op, were a member of the Women?s Guild or went to dance classes in Co-op rooms, there will be some very poignant and heartfelt stories here to take you down memory lane.

Members of the former Leeds Co-op and of Bramley Elderly Action have been contributing to the collection, but there are many more stories to tell. If the Co-op has special memories for you from using its shops or services or perhaps from working there, please use the recording line number and tell us your memories.

Sound Recordings:
Would you like the children who go with these books? (Co-op Stores)
Mr Cooper manager of Lower Wortley Co-op (Co-op Stores)
Joining the Leeds Co-operative Committee (Committees and Groups)
Joining the Consumer Committe at Leeds Co-operative Society. (Committees and Groups)
Co-op and the culture of thrift (Committees and Groups)
Working as an Education Officer for the Cooperative Society (Committees and Groups)
The International Cooperative Alliance (Committees and Groups)
Womens (Committees and Groups)
Woodcraft Folk in The Co-operative Movement (Committees and Groups)
Shopping in the Co-op in the 1950s (Shopping)
Shopping in the Co-op as a child in the 1950s (Shopping)
The Co-op Divi Spike (Shopping)
Armley Co-opers (Shopping)
The sound of the co-op potatoes... (Shopping)
Childhood memories shopping at the Co-op (Shopping)

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