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For a comprehensive history of Leeds Town Hall see the Discovering Leeds website
You can look at images from Leeds Town Hall on the Leodis photographic archive
Leeds Town Hall
We are currently collecting the sounds and stories of Leeds Town Hall. Have you recently been to a concert or taken part in one yourself? Is it where you met the love of your life or maybe you were recently married there? Do you remember the VE celebrations that took place around it? Have you worked in the Town Hall or is there something particular about the building you really like? We'd love to hear from you. Find out how to contribute.

Sound Recordings:
The queen's wedding dress at Leeds Town Hall ()
The Portsmouth connection (Architecture)
Who stole the pies? (Bridewell)
Crimes and misdemeanours (Bridewell)
Lunch at the British Restaurant (British Restaurant)
Eating at the British Restaurant (British Restaurant)
School holiday visits to the British Restaurant (British Restaurant)
School dinners in the British Restaurant (British Restaurant)
Sound of the Town Hall clock mechanism (Clock Tower)
Town Hall clock mechanism striking without bell (Clock Tower)
Falling asleep during the Hallelujah Chorus (Concerts)
Margaret Price remembers Christmas concerts (Concerts)
Danny Freeman at the Town Hall (Concerts)
Full Circle to the Town Hall (Concerts)
Organ recitals (Concerts)
The organist entertains (Concerts)
A concert and a wedding (Concerts)
The Toilet Playing Trombone Player (Concerts)
Singing with the Royal Marine Band (Concerts)
Brothers, mobile phones and the choir (Concerts)
Giggles on stage at the Town Hall (Concerts)
Annoying choir girls at Leeds Town Hall (Concerts)
Inspired by the Royal Marine Band (Concerts)
A former mace bearer (Concerts)
Floral displays and sneaking into see Thomas Beecham (Concerts)
Crossed legs at the Christmas Concert (Concerts)
Getting lost in the Town Hall (Concerts)
Acapella in the Town Hall (Concerts)
The thrill of being chosen to sing at the Town Hall (Concerts)
21st birthday dance (Dances)
Dancing in the Victoria Hall (Dances)
Black marble to blamange (Descriptions of the building)
Starling Swarms (Descriptions of the building)
The Town Hall renewed (Descriptions of the building)
The Lions are alive! (Descriptions of the building)
Working around Elegance (Descriptions of the building)
Repairing the Town Hall (Descriptions of the building)
The Manger of the Town Hall (Descriptions of the building)
Do we need the Town Hall? (Descriptions of the building)
What the Town Hall represents to the homeless of Leeds (Descriptions of the building)
What makes the Town Hall such a special workplace (Descriptions of the building)
Caught short on the Town Hall steps (Embarrassing moments)
Rescuing the Organist (Embarrassing moments)
Hot Chocolate on the Town Hall Steps (Embarrassing moments)
A voice in a million at Leeds Town Hall (Embarrassing moments)
Disappointed film extras (Event)
Town Hall wrestling matches (Event)
The Works Do (Event)
Managing events at the Town Hall (Event)
Discipline, enjoyment and pride (Event)
Remembrance Day March (Event)
Marching past the Mayor (Event)
Churchill at the Town Hall (Event)
Princess Margaret visits Leeds (Event)
Singing in the Town Hall (Event)
Stories and myths about Leeds Town Hall (Folklore)
A Lion Sanctuary at Leeds Town Hall (Folklore)
Simon Lindley and the truth behind the organ (Folklore)
Spot the paintpot in Leeds Town Hall (Folklore)
A Short History of Leeds Town Hall (History)
Walks past the lions (Lion statues)
Money for the Lions (Lion statues)
The Magic Lion (Lion statues)
Love at the Town Hall (Love)
Recording a pop video in the Town Hall Crypt (Performance)
A disco dancing winner at the Town Hall (Performance)
A schoolgirls memories of performances at the Town Hall (Performance)
Watching Weddings (Registry)
Watching Churchill and General De Gaulle (Second World War)
VE Day Celebrations at the Town Hall (Second World War)
Carmen whistling through the streets of Leeds (Select)
Town Hall Receptionist (Select)
The special qualities of the town hall organ (Select)
Collecting maintenance payments (The Courts)
Collecting maintainence from America (The Courts)
Courtroom 1 (The Courts)
Collecting the maintenance (The Courts)
A tour of the remaining Courtroom at the Town Hall (The Courts)
Sad memories of a long walk to the Town Hall (The Courts)
Simon Lindley warming up the Town Hall organ (The Organ)
Interview with Simon Lindley City of Leeds organist (The Organ)
The inner workings of the Town Hall organ (The Organ)
Playing the Town Hall organ for a prime minister (The Organ)
The Victorian cells (Victorian cells)
An unusual find in the Victorian cells (Victorian cells)

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