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Roundhay Park
Roundhay Park
There are so many different aspects to Roundhay Park. From woodlands to formal gardens, sports pitches to band stands, its diverse landscape is the background for a whole range of activities. But the park has changed over the years and so have the stories that people can tell about it. We're looking for contributions about the park to help bring alive its history and its place in the story of the city. Perhaps you remember things that no longer exist - the outdoor swimming pool, the Mary Gordon steamboat or Children's Day events. Maybe you had a first date in the park or held your wedding reception in the Mansion House. If you are a Friend of Roundhay and have been involved in its restoration we would love to hear from you too. What does Roundhay Park mean to you and what's your story?

Sound Recordings:
Dressing up for Children (Children)
Childrens Day Competitions (Childrens Day)
A beloved dress for Childrens Day (Childrens Day)
Catching the tram on Childrens Day (Childrens Day)
Shire Horses on Childrens Day (Childrens Day)
Childrens Day in the 1940s (Childrens Day)
Boy Soldiers on Childrens Day (Childrens Day)
Childrens Day in the park (Childrens Day)
Childrens Day Queens (Childrens Day)
Childrens Day dresses (Childrens Day)
The last Childrens Day (Childrens Day)
Childrens Day Queens (Childrens Day)
Handwriting competition for Childrens Day (Childrens Day)
Childrens' Day Song (Childrens Day)
Miming play at Childrens Day (Childrens Day)
A free Robbie Williams concert (Concerts)
Rolling Stones at Roundhay Park (Concerts)
A prime view of Michael Jackson at Roundhay Park (Concerts)
Childrens Day at Roundhay Park (Elected members past and present)
Friends of Roundhay Park Garden (Friends of Roundhay Park)
A lifetime of memories around Roundhay Park (Friends of Roundhay Park)
Sunday afternoons in the park (Leisure)
Sledging at Roundhay (Leisure)
The cafe in the 1950s (Leisure)
Enjoying the parks leisure facilities (Leisure)
Tram rides to the park (Leisure)
Romance at Roundhay (Leisure)
Boyhood memories of Roundhay Park (Leisure)
Football on Roundhay Park (Leisure)
Donkey Rides in Roundhay Park (Leisure)
Sunday swimming trips to Roundhay Park (Swimming Pool)
Taking the children to the swimming pool at Roundhay Park (Swimming Pool)
Boating on the Lakes (The Lakes)
Something fishy on Waterloo Lake (The Lakes)
Tragedy on the lake at Roundhay Park (The Lakes)
The Mansion House (The Mansion House)

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