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Sonic Carnival is a special project in sound to mark the 40th anniversary of the Leeds West Indian Carnival.

Funded by the Safer and Stronger Communities fund through the IMPaCT Neighbourhood Management Team it is a unique collection of sounds and voices that record and celebrate the 2007 Carnival. The enthusiasm of all the contributors proves that Carnival thrills everyone across the city, attracts visitors from near and far and deserves its reputation as the best Carnival anywhere!

People across Chapeltown have had the opportunity to contribute, and this archive will be a lasting and dynamic record of memories, never before collected in this way. Through Sonic City this collection can now be shared across the web.

Recordings were made on Carnival day, and you will hear lots of different voices saying what Carnival means to them. Events have been held in Chapeltown Library, and during an intergenerational afternoon at the Frederick Hurdle Day Centre, young people from Hillcrest Primary School interviewed visitors to the Centre, who have loved and participated in Carnival for many years.

There are special interviews with Ian Charles, Arthur France and Hughbon Condor from the Carnival Committee and with Dr Max Farrar of Leeds Metropolitan University. Our thanks go to them, and everyone in Chapeltown and beyond who have supported this project.

Just like Sonic City, Sonic Carnival has been creative, participative, intercultural, intergenerational, international and FUN.

Sound Recordings:
Enjoying Carnival 2007 (Carnival 2007)
Changes over the years. (Carnival 2007)
Enjoying the carnival (Carnival 2007)
Dancing at the carnival! (Carnival 2007)
Not just Leeds carnival (Carnival 2007)
A family day out at the carnival. (Carnival 2007)
Euro-carnival (Carnival 2007)
Leeds-Austrian connection (Carnival 2007)
Reggae at the carnival (Carnival 2007)
What is carnival? (Carnival 2007)
Only here for the rides! (Carnival 2007)
Black Health Initiative Stall (Carnival 2007)
Juvee morning at Leeds Carnival (Carnival 2007)
40 years of carnival (Carnival 2007)
38 years of carnival (Carnival 2007)
Arthur France - 2007 theme (Carnival 2007)
First time at Leeds Carnival (Carnival 2007)
Enjoying the carnival (Carnival 2007)
Family involvement in carnival (Carnival 2007)
Fun at the carnival (Carnival 2007)
A day following the carnival (Carnival 2007)
Leeds or London? (Carnival 2007)
Experience of carnival (Carnival 2007)
I love Carnival! (Carnival 2007)
What is carnival? (Carnival 2007)
Carnival interview (Carnival 2007)
Carnival experinces (Carnival 2007)
Jouvert morning (Carnival 2007)
The winning costume for 2007 (Carnival 2007)
A potential disaster averted on carnival day. (Carnival 2007)
The committee and organisation of the carnival. (Committee and Organisation)
Funding issues affecting the carnival (Committee and Organisation)
The organisation of Leeds carnival (Committee and Organisation)
Financie and the future of Leeds Carnival (Committee and Organisation)
Materials (Costumes)
Arthur France - 2007 costumes (Costumes)
The Queen costume (Costumes)
Considerations for carnival costume designing (Costumes)
Costume design (Costumes)
Hughbon Condor (Costumes)
The future of Leeds Carnival in education. (Education and Carnival)
The future of Carnival (Education and Carnival)
Ritual in the carnival (Education and Carnival)
In the Bacchanal Troupe (Floats and troupes)
Planning for the troupe. (Floats and troupes)
Rivalry and Secrecy in carnival preparations. (Floats and troupes)
History and culture of carnival themes (History of Carnival)
Funding and economics of carnival (History of carnival)
How to enjoy the carnival (Meaning of Carnival)
The millennium carnival (Memories)
Pulling the pans (Memories)
The old route (Memories)
A carnival baby! (Memories)
Carnival and community (Memories)
Carnival dancing (Memories)
40 years of Leeds Carnival. (Memories)
Changes over the years (Memories)
The first carnival route (Memories)
Musical traditions in carnival. (Music)
Sounds of the 2007 carnival. (Music)
Steel Pan Days. (Music)
African Roots (Music)
Soca dancing (Music)
Social, cultural and political context of carnival (Projects and studies)
The New Masmedia Project (Projects and studies)
Carnival Roots (Roots of Carnival)
Carnival terminology explained (Roots of Carnival)
Summing up the experience of what is carnival? (The meaning of Carnival)
Social, religious and philosphical issues around carnival. (The meaning of Carnival)
Competition in the carnival (The meaning of Carnival)
The meaning of carnival. (The meaning of Carnival)
The power of carnival (The meaning of Carnival)
Carnival poem (The meaning of Carnival)
Why I like carnival (The meaning of Carnival)
What is carnival? (The meaning of Carnival)
Themes and techniques used in Leeds Carnival (Themes)

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