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Leeds Market
Leeds Kirkgate Market
The dominating Edwardian facade of the Kirkgate Market is just one of the delights of this unique building which claims to be the largest indoor market in Europe. The site of the first Marks and Spencer stall, it has traditionally been the birthplace of many successful buisnesses. Like many retail outlets in Leeds it has experienced change with many of the traditional stalls giving way to modern shops. Sonic City would like to hear from you if you can recall any shops and stalls which are no longer in the market? We want to hear your stories about any memorable stallholders, shops, callers and the goods you bought there. Listen to some of the stories in this collection for ideas and inspiration.

Sound Recordings:
Watching the market blaze (Fire)
The famous crockery stall (Fire)
Memories of the old Leeds City Market (Fire)
Getting lost in the market and stopping the traffic (Incidents)
Losing a child in the market (Incidents)
Memories of Leeds Market (Incidents)
An incident at the butchers in Kirkgate Market (shops)
Granellis at the Market (Stalls)
Buying fabric for a wedding dress (Stalls)
Trunell pie anyone? (Stalls)
The horrors of Cabbage Alley (Stalls)
The market in the 1960s (Stalls)
A brief stint on the stalls (Stalls)
Pets in old Leeds market (Stalls)
Memories of Leeds Wholesale Market (Stalls)
Memories of Leeds City Market (Stalls)
Leeds Market for Rabbits (Stalls)

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